Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The magical touch....evolution of

She touched him like a whisper
Their eyes met like a touch; softest of its kind,
Like a feather; as a spark of electricity.
Love is not love till the moment, it is given,
The inception of that eternal emotion
Could stem from a mere look only.
That look develops and spread into
Innumerable spheres of love and affection.

Mutually attracted, is the first stage.
Body language rapidly shows changes, in
Body temperature, heart beats, respiration;
Parched throat, and sweating hands.
Who is in control of these reactions?

Emotional attachments have two dimensions:
Attraction based on body image, beauty
Complexion, intelligence, and tastes;
Then albeit all these, based on beliefs, interests,
And occupation; still the depth increases
On basis of confidence on the beloved,
Sharing of thoughts, happiness and woes,
Dreams, aspirations, and too personal secrets.

Nevertheless man or woman, they speak
About everything hidden and unhidden
Without reservation; without hesitation.
You will adore the relationship always
And adhere to each other.
It opens the vistas of beauty, interest,
And pellucid relations.
If such a degree of adherence, cannot be reached
It becomes stale and ephemeral.
It turns to a mechanical exercise.

The substance of relationship becomes romance
Without which the love life, cannot blossom.
In it, you recognize the truth of love.
It helps to make a better lover and partner.
Romance flow out the heart and
Preserve the loyalty and fidelity
Towards your partner in love.
The ardent desire, the zeal, the obsession,
Insuppressible passion,
You are prepared to do whatever you can
For the one whom you love.
As your mind and body surrenders
And you gift your whole being for the other,
The populace accepts it as LOVE...

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