Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ever been in Love?

Can you teach me, my mind, like you have taught
Me, to reminisce, how to forget also?
Can you teach me to forget in entirety?
Let me stifle the wings of my recollections,
And dissolve into an endless sleep, eternally,
Deliquesce into the bluish magnificence
Of the firmament, of dreams.

If the galloping crystal of hours
Could ever remain at a standstill,
In the long winding path of life;
If ever, the dead yesterdays.
And the dying present day, and
The unborn tomorrows, will not
Afflict the temperament of the mind;
I need not have to live forlorn on the shores
Of the everlasting ineptitude,
Which he has gifted me at parting,
For the inimitable love I had for him,
Unflinching, but unrequited…..
Innumerable dreams, countless passions,
Smoldering life, and fluffing emotions;
All wriggling in the mind,
Turned out as hallucination or delusions….

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