Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All good things in life...

Do you reminisce the day when we first met in our life?
Do you remember who was the first one, who saw?
Can you keep in mind the day, we spoke first, ever?
And tell me who uttered the first word?
Tell me my beloved, tell me.

Do you remember that day obviously, and
Enjoy the ecstasy, that day gave you?
And can you recollect, the first time I got angry?
And also the reason for that, I lost my temper?
Also the day you were so demure, for the first time?
Remembering that magnificent moment,
Do you still horripilate in its sweetness?
Could you still remember the first gift you received
And who was the donor of that?
Remember the first kiss and the one who gave it?
And the first night we spent under the starry sky?
And all that you whispered into my ears, like a song.
And all the rapture we shared in those lovely moments?

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