Tuesday, August 19, 2008

like a candle under.....

I soften as a candle under the flame;
Amorphous, when I remember you…
Like the thread of the raindrops from heaven,
From a melody, long forgotten in the mind;
Like the faraway asterisk of another birth
Yet to commence; for you and for you alone.

As the shadow of the rain clouds in the moist eyelids
Brimming over by fond memories of yester years,
Some where in the distance, a lonely nightingale
Call its mate singing the tune of a dulcet of love.

In the hour, when an evening cloud is singing
A melody, filled with the ecstasy of parting,
Mingled with the fervent aspiration of the next morn,
Peering arduously on the face of the sea
From its lofty, heights, in amoroso

Are you, pouring out all your love for me
As a bush of roses, in tranquility; in silence?
Have you forgotten the exotic world of dreams,
Diffusing its glory in splendour into your mind?
Where is the peacock that danced
In your mind, with all its plumes spread out,
When the rain clouds appeared.in the yonder?
I am gifting away my heart as a whole
To you unknowingly, my dearest!

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