Friday, August 22, 2008

As a gift...

My blossom! Did the raindrops affix
Kisses on your cheeks?
Did you hear the chirping of a bird
As nectar, in your ears?
Condensation of a flaxen dream,
Is caressing me unknowingly;
An agony called love is glowing
Unextinct inside your heart.
A refrain, emanated from a violin
Dulcify the distressed spirit.

You have become my music;
In each word of that lyric.
A thousand tinges I see
In your endearing look.
When you clasp me to your bosom
Like the life of your life,
Nights are becoming a night
And flowers turn to a real flower.

Aren’t you the blossom of my heart?
Aren’t you the cloying memory of my life?

With unheard foot steps,
Without the awareness of the
Witnessing starlets in heaven,
Untouched, by the caressing haze
On your eyelashes,
Without shedding, even a pearl from
Your enchanting lips, a word,
On your way to my side;
Unobstructed by the entwining wines
Sodden with the morning dew on the path…

Will you come to me in a chariot of rain petals,
With the tinkling coquetry of your bangles?
As a gift in a platter of feathers, for a moment,
To enrich my eternal reminiscences

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