Monday, August 18, 2008

When I surrendered...

I wonder how you will respond
If I tell you about my love,
Which I keep away reluctantly,
Failing to express, so far.

What will you do with the
Blossoming bud of roses
From my soul, I offer to you
With all my heart, now?

Please don’t feel bad and keep away
From me, reproaching me for
My stupidity, which I ventured
To display in your presence.

You just ignored the roses I gave you,
Nourished and reddened with,
The blood, oozing out of my heart.
You never cared to read, what I jotted
For you, on the rear pages of my soul.
You never touched with your finger tips,
Any of my heart strings, quivering for you.

Across the shores of sterile decades,
On the coasts of countless reminiscence
You are still a vermilion sky in the dusk,
My beloved! I still see you as a crescent,
In that sky, dazzling your radiance, and grandeur.
Though my life is strewn with strife
My distress is boundless on your account
My angel! Let my goblet. Fill everyday
With the pain by your absence here…

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