Friday, August 1, 2008

A Flame...

The morning rain was splashing a downpour
Enthralling the emotions, of passion.
Someone with a sullen and sodden heart
Seeking the porthole of your mind.

Keep Love as an eternal flame, unstinted,
Engross in it, as much as possible.
Do not deviate from its path,
It is the source of boundless happiness.

My ever shining silver cloud!
The night has advanced to the wee
Hours of morning; and I am still
Haplessly harping, on the lute of your image.
When the nightingale warns the approach of someone,
I press my face against the lattice of my window;
Gazing out into the darkness of the night
If it is you, my sweet angel.
And in vain, I get wearied in my anxiety.

Let the lamp in vigil guarding me be ablaze;
Let the moon forgetting to set, radiates its glory;
Can’t you smell the musk scent of her body?
There she is coming to me,uninvited!

She is the nightingale, singing endearingly, the melodies
I wrote for her on the golden petals of blossoms...
She fainted in rapture, closely clasping me.
She clung on my bosom like a sacred thread.
Saffron shedding from the tender bud of her lips,
Dulcet whispers, unintelligible moans, indomitable sigh…
She has become mine now till the end of time!

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