Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eternally yours...

The spring bathed in the golden hue of the moonlight
I sat on the window sill looking out in to the twilight;
Singing a rhapsody about you, with silence its rhythm;
I saw your elegant smile in my memory screen.

Transformed as a desire,
Wounded by Cupid’s arrows,
Pink corals blossomed in her lips as dulcet words;
A dot of tender emotions in longing, for
Seeing your exquisite, cherubic smile.

Open your solitary window, gently.
Let me see your angelic face.
I am now waiting for that cherished moment.
A moment long waited, and dreamt.
The day I saw you and we exchanged our love,
I turned a cloud and rising high in the heavens
Flew wildly in glee, with the arrogant wind.
And when I saw you again, I dissolved as raindrops,
Came down, to hug your anklets enveloping it.
Ecstasy, blossomed as divine and sublime love,
Encircling me with the nectar dripping
From the intoxicating sweetness, of your lips.

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