Thursday, August 14, 2008

For sale: Tears

Finding the tear drops in my eyelids
Thinking they are fine pearls,
A traveler, you have come to bargain for it.!

Why your eyes are welling up
And lumps formed in the mind
Choking your throat,
Emotions benumbed,
After having heard the predicament
In my life, which I narrated...

Are you inviting me to your opulent kingdom,
To spend my forlorn hours, in your presence?
Asking me to submerge in
The fragrant ocean of cloying dreams, and to surge
Holding handful of diamonds, I gather.

I no longer hope, anyone can gift me the love
He has bestowed on me, when he was near.
Everyday was a fiesta; every night was a first night;
He was my world and love was true, mad,
Deep and savage; a dream, on top of a fantasy.
We were living together in empyrean space.
My memories are ever green about it;
Abundant and more than enough to sweeten my life,
The rest of the years, between now and the grave…

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