Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something called LOVE!

The ache in the heart which had no name,
Someone called it LOVE.
The nectar which dripped and split
In the earth, from the flamboyant
eyes, was called tears.
The mirage with the golden tinge
Formed in the mind;
We called it, the imagination.

The bamboo which was cut,
And was incised with holes, cried.
And that inconsequential wooden
Pipe was called a flute.
The vivacious clouds wept in its
Gleeful fiesta and
Its color splashed across the sky.
It became the rainbow.
And the ever remembered silent music
Which emerged was called the mind.

1 comment:

Sir Knight said...

I enjoyed this one very much...What a brilliant play of words in this poem. Keep up this great stuff...