Thursday, August 7, 2008


In the morning it was raining,
And like a sodden leaf in the wind,
You rushed in settling in my mind.

I just thought of climbing, clutching
The thread of the rain, to your side.
Will you wait for me there, above this
Squelchy rain cloud, looming over us?

You will say it is impossible to climb
Like a rope trick, through the thread of tears;
And you imagine, it is your tears coming
Down as raindrops, from heaven.

And the thunder is your lament,
When you strike your breast with your hands;
Brooding over our emancipated life;
And the lightning occurs when you open
Your eyes to see my quagmire existence!
And your sighs forms into blizzards.

Instead, why don’t you come down as a mega raindrop?
We will together flow and drown in the ocean
Or wriggle and sink in to the earth not to return anymore…

1 comment:

Sir Knight said...

Your poetry is simply wonderful and delightful dear brother. It surprises me that you have so few comments…I for one will make sure to visit and comment your blog again. My warmest regards to you. “The words flow from your pen so eloquently dear sir”…