Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Unfurling dreams...

That gorgeous flower bloomed,
Looking at me, from that magnificent garden.
Unfurled a thousand vivid shades of petals,
The dreams that rippled, in my mind.

The breeze came to whisper in my ears
About ardent love, you have confided to the wind,
And I langoured as a lover, under the spell
Of that delightful passion it contained.

When you came clad in the moonlight as a fairy
Embracing me with all the intense obsession
Willfully submerged and compressed in the mind;
Kissing me with the ardour, of a million rampant desires.
My imagination soared high and dazzled, igniting me
To sing sweet melodies, I wrote for you, when alone.

Blue eyes dousing in the tears of delight and
Silence came stealthy as you exhaled your breath.
Covering me with inexplicable elation.
Our souls gleefully fluttered around
Ubiquitous paradise, of our imagination.
Unconscious of our human form, like seraphs
Living or beyond it, we never knew!

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