Thursday, July 31, 2008

A thirst…

You have become a thirst in my life,
And the desire always sought by my spirit.
A melody, resonating ever in my heart;
A dream resplendent with sweet visions of beauty!

Where is the pleasure, the embers of the
Flaming heart is seeking desperately?
The lamps extinct, the shores immersed in gloom;
Where is the golden morning of my dreams?
Where is tear welling eyes, filled with compassion
For the wounded deer, writhed in pain?
Where is the nest, which knows the grief
Of the lonely bird, seeking the shelter of a tree?

I will wait for you, in a hut on the bank of
The stream, singing with its ripples, my memory.
I will give you the heart of the sky chanting
A lullaby to the rainbow, in its lap as a cradle.
And fragrant flowers, blooming in my arteries
Which know the murmur of my heart-throbs.
And the purest of dreams awake in the eyelids
Melting into oblivion, in my sleep;
To make you the happiest human being on this earth...

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