Monday, July 14, 2008


PRAYER! A practice of addressing God
In words or through meditation, as in praise
Of gratitude, sorrow, or intercession.
A god is required for this purpose.
When God is a creation of ignorant people
What is the relevance of a god, for such a motive?

As an individual, He does not exist.
No creator, as creation is eternal.
Godliness only, but no god.
That godliness permeates and brims over
All visible and invisible things,
That exists in the universe.
Open your eyes widely.
Find it around you, and inside you.
In the grass, in a worm, in a flower,
In the nature, sky, ocean, universe…
That is the substance of all scriptures.
“I am the creator and the creation”.
*('Aham Brahmasmi'...'Anal Huq')
[Aham Brahmasmi|अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि
"I am the Brahman"]

Prayer is impossible, as there is no one
At the receiving end;
No individual we can call God,
With the qualities we attribute
In our ignorance, to make an
unwarranted exercise...A prayer!

A god who get pleased and happy
When you praise him,
And a god who lose his temper
And is displeased, trying to annihilate you,
While you censure him!
It's an unintelligible phenomenon

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