Thursday, July 10, 2008

A fairy!

She casts a spell while walking around.
The earth vibrates with pleasure when she
Puts her treads on the velvety grass and
That thrill causes the flowers to bloom...
When that happens, the soul of the thorns
Rejoices, and change into blossoms.
The nature strings them together
To make a garland and adorn them,
And a marvelous garden is created…

The sky and earth pay tribute to her seductiveness,
As she affix the seven colours of her charm,
Pouring over the rainbow, to make it alluring.
When she smiles, pearls scatter all around.
And those precious pearls transforms into
Resplendent stars, spangling the firmament.
When that happens and hits the core of
The heart, each day become a charming night,
With dazzling stars studded on the bluish veil.
She is my beloved, waiting for me
Far away in my land of sweet dreams...

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