Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Time is a torrent and our desires wander immersed
In it, sinking and surging at times, helplessly.
Desires of an incapable and vulnerable life!

We believe the magnificent horizon is so
Nearby, at the reach of our hands.
When we approach it, it moves away farther
Into a distance beyond our reach.
We move near, it drifts away.
That is the horizon of our aspirations.
Where can we ever find the shores of this sea?
When can we ever find our rest, at last?

Promises written across the water and dreams
We experience during our sojourn,
Awaken when asleep, and sleep while awake.
How many different kinds of masks they wear?
To kindle and vivify the flame of desire,
Raging within us, and to satiate them.
When can we ever find the shore of the golden sands?
Where can we lay down our head for a long sleep?

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