Friday, July 18, 2008


The quill that wrote the treatise of Erotic Love (Kama sutra)
Of the great sage, has become, the letters of a mystic spell,
In the quiver of the human heart;
And the arrows of Cupid!

Was it perpetrated, to awaken the human soul,
From its blessed meditation and penance practiced?
Or to rectify, his innate instincts, and to spoil its rhythm?
Or to hunt for the beauty of the age, enveloped in illusion?
Or to change the sweet and divine love
In the heart of the human beings, into
Lasciviousness and libido, to make it
Abhorrent, and repulsive?

The sage only meant of honoured
Practices among spouses
At propitious times, days, and seasons.
But as ages progressed, it became
A method for experiments and researches
To test, if those written words are pragmatic.
And Eros vanished long back!

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