Monday, July 21, 2008


You came to me and I found the pining of
Unrequited love in your eyes..
My sweet heart! When did we initially meet in our life?
In which birth, in which dusk of the aeons;
Where did we see each other first time, in life?

Generations walked through these streets,
Laughing and crying, kicking these earth,
Making it muddy and turbid, for a long time.
Our treads which were imprinted there, were
Covered with dust and mud, and our memories also
Submersed in it, for long, quite invisible to us.
If we forget each other for ever and our paths
Have never crossed again to meet,
What could have been our unimaginable destiny?

Our love began to bud, in our childhood days.
We kept nourishing the flame, until those ill-fated hours,
When, like a typhoon, the fate swept away
The ravishing flowers of that adoration,
Into different distant lands, and we lost touch.

Once again, if we have not met in our life,
If we have not recognized each other,
After all these years, in our transformed looks,
We should have been carrying in our hearts,
The remorseful regrets, of our unfulfilled dreams, eternally.

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