Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Way…

In the land where the doctrine of Non- Duality
Of God, originated, and its profounder was born,
There are now, a thousand gods, thousand castes,
And a thousand religions, headed by god men;
Sprouting like mushrooms, in the rainy season.

Some religions are established, and then expire also;
Soon after, their founder passes away, and into oblivion.
And established religions plunder and pilfer
The conscience and the wealth, of the loyal simpletons,
Through coercion and fraud, promising heaven to them.

Man has only, one path to follow, any time;
The way to eternal love, and quest for truth.
The day has only one lamp, that gives light for all,
Yet, the night can enjoy a dream of light, only
By kindling, the lamps of myriad stars.
Who can see the light of those stars
When the sun shines and spreads its radiance?

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