Monday, July 28, 2008

Unknown lover…

Time is an unknown lover, and
Life, his sweet beloved.
Yielding dreams and tears,
Embrace and kiss, adore and hug,
And then discard like an unwanted treasure...
Will make beautiful gardens among the sky
Build a mansion inside that garden,
Will cherish and foster children of love,
And at last drown us in the pyre of grief.
Alas! Such is the amazing kinds of dreams!

It will display unseen heavens and then
Take us for a delightful joy ride
In a chariot of gold through the sky;
With a lullaby will soothe you and lead
You to a slumber quietly with
The most excellent music on earth.
Then land in a forlorn desert and
Abandon you there to die and become rancid.
Alas! Relationships entangles in such a way!

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