Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A sort of a dream...

Is Truth, a thing which has to be sought?
Trailing through lengthy, complicated
And mysterious paths, and thus discovered?

The truth is, it is found by treading through
True straight paths and the paths are of Truth.
No need to waste time and energy to find the
Turnings, the pitfalls, the hillocks and hollows
In the road, leading to the Truth.
Travel the straight, broad road and
It will lead to truth and Truth alone;
Because that road, terminates there only

Why the populace of the earth can’t conceive
And adopt it, in their quest for Truth?
Get rid of your doubts; let your mind
Become clear as a crystal, as the placid water.
No mud or moss should obliterate it.
Undulated, purified eyes, looking straight.
Walking straight and steadily, both hands extended.
After a while, Truth will takeover and reach you
In a state of eternal bliss; a state of resilience!
You will find your hands filled with flowers of
Love, permeating heavenly fragrance;
And when you move with that love,
It will transform you as Truth.
TRUTH incarnated!

Your attire should be of humility.
You will see that all creations
Dance before you in intense pleasure!
Fragrance of love emanate from you;
Greed will fall and die before you;
Wings of egotism will wither down;
Jealousy will flee away and then you realize
You have reached the Kingdom of Truth.


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