Friday, July 11, 2008


We grieve for riches, our hearts break for beloveds;
Desolate on account of blindness;
Distressed in having, sight and vision.
Life as a whole is always wrenched in agony...

Those who envision a heaven, in a place beyond
This earth, and aspiring to reach there,
Fleeing from all earthbound woes,
Are fondling, a will of the wisp – alluring and delusive.
Realize now, that in here is the heaven and the hell.
Experience both in this world, in a life time,.

New York or Paris; Jesus or Krishna.
The prophet or Jehovah is all equal to a blind.
Those who believe that God is overseeing everything,
Are holding such a faith, in their stupidity.
Behold both God and Satan, in here itself.
Both are thriving on the faith of followers.
They have domiciled in this earth now and
Abound by believers and worshippers;
Proving that earth is a better place, than Heaven!

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