Sunday, July 6, 2008


Welfare State, Republic, Parliamentary Democracy,
Equality, Liberty, Human Rights, Judiciary
Without blemish, Fourth Estate,
And, Freedom of Expression…
All are high sounding ideas and mottos.
Yet, human beings are sold as slaves,
Exported from country to countries,
Submitted for menial jobs and bonded labour.
The stench of white slavery permeates all over.

Juvenile girls, sold as slaves through
Established offices of religion, compelled
To undertakes religious oaths, in the guise
They are needed for the service of God.
To become concubines of the rich, and the clergy,
Prostitutes to work in parlours, homes for the sick,
And aged, as nursing maids, and women of pleasures.
Coffers of the ‘Charitable Trusts’, and missions;
The Purveyors of such human commodities
Are filling up with wealth, through such criminal deeds.

Such rackets exists, always in motion and alert;
Ransack, exploit and extort.
We remain as passive observers, and
Mute spectators, afraid to react or respond.
Unable to deprecate, or exhort.
Are we cowards? Frightened to lift a finger
Against the hierarchy, and its manipulations?

A dog will keep on barking, even when frightened;
Are we worse than these canines?

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