Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Death is not an event, which waits for
Anyone, to attain seventy, or eighty.
Along with the moment of the first cry
Announcing your arrival into this world
We kick start the indicator of time, to get moving.

We are an isle surrounded by death.
We can complete or fulfill naught.
Even our love life will not be complete.
The sword of Damocles is hanging above our head.
In death, do we enter a timeless, space less tunnel?

When thoughts, desires, consciousness freeze,
When thoughts become stills on the screen of the mind,
Time also vanish along with it,
The screen becomes a blank,
The projector of the mind stands still.
A spark emerges like a drop, into our being
Into our silence, into that eternity,
And we taste the sweetness of the spirit!
That is attainment, freedom from all bondage,
Liberty and divine love!

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