Sunday, July 20, 2008

MAN! What a beautiful…

’MAN’! What a beautiful word” sang someone;
Like the knell of a bell, wafting through the air,
Sounding, like a death knoll, in its vibration…

Here that man is scattered in the air, like a
Sun-depleted dry leaf wandering everywhere.
Just a dry leaf in the air!.
He turns to break and churn the earth for his bread;
Become a firewood and burn at the end.
Burn like a sandal wood piece on the pyre!
He writes a tragic tale, sitting in the dark corners,
As a dark shadow, in the summer heat
Which spreads, through his sinews,
And exhaust him to weariness.
As a bird shuddering and writhing in pain;
Like a tidal wave carrying grief and sweep him away.

The tear dried eyes search around,
Looking out for a saviour, to rescue him
From this chasm, and put him back on his feet again.
Toiling , starving, foiling, with lost hopes,
Hoping against hopes, waiting for a resurrection
And rescue; to live without miseries.

Hyenas of organized religion set bait for him.
They coax him sweetly, with promises of a heaven,
Free of dismay and despondency, but of happiness.
Now he finds his redeemer- the religion.
Now he finds his saviour- the god man.
Hypocrite, wolf in the attire of sheep.
What more is required for self fulfillment?
Happy he is, now!

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