Saturday, May 31, 2008


They are the dictums of evolution
For human life! A maxim.
The sages who wrote scriptures and epics,
Envisaged life, as vanity, and illusion.
Man who created this era says life is truth.
What we see and comprehend is truth and reality...
Dreams have a path, of its own
Truth has its different path.
And Time blindfolds both and flow in its own way.
Where do they confluence?
Any place they commence flowing together as one?
May be in heaven, where everything is real!
Is life a myth or reality?
A reality existing for a short moment,
On the scale, of the boundless time.

Once it is over what is left out?

None of these has eternal values!
Hence sages of old times recited about
The emptiness, unintelligibility,
Futility and hollowness of life
In their writings, for the posterity.
Yet, man is still running after vainglory!

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