Sunday, June 1, 2008


History is a big lie, concocted by victors
Written after the struggle, to justify
The acquisition of power in war,
Or revolution, in the country.

The vanquished becomes the oppressed.
The lies continue to defraud the souls,
Of a nation and its populace, for
A long period of time, till another one,
Writes a revised note, as appendage
To the established order, of lies.
Here the rusted customs become laws
And new generations believe,
They are the truths, as a scripture.

All truths, are hidden camouflaged
By false propagandas, and biased news.
Man is living under constant deluge,
Of the deceit, perpetrated by those in power.
God and truth, faith and virtues,
Stand away, in constant concern and fright;
Unable to intervene, and set it right!

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