Monday, May 19, 2008


A big thank you, for
Whatever you have given me…..

The broken piece of pottery you have very
Graciously presented me,
From your unbreakable, sturdy mind,
You keep unblemished.
A tiny fragment of a peacock’s feather, you gave,
Preserved all the while, in your arithmetic book;
For having showed me, a blind alley with crooked
Bends, from the manifold paths of your emotions;
For a prickle, you severed from among the midst
Of lush foliage, flowers and ripened fruits;
Of your thoughts, and handed over to me...

And for a shard of black cloud from
The dreams, blossomed by rainbows,
In your implacable heart….

I am thankful and my mind,
Overwhelms with gratitude.


Stacey said...

These words really do show gratitude.....

Whether it be a token given in the form of, emotions, physical gifts, or words, no matter how big or small these tokens are...they should always be accepted with "gratitude"....a thank you does not cost anything, good poem Kunjubi :-D

Kunjubi said...

Stacey... I don't know how to thank u dear...You are always enticing me to be more creative and thoughtful and imaginative, through your encouraging words.. I won't forget this sincerity.... cheers... kunjubi

paisley said...

the true meaning of gratitude,, a willingness to accept even the dark parts as an honor.. very well done....

Kunjubi said...

Thank you Paisley... for the honour of your good words...I am happy...kunjubi