Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yester night…

In the middle of a sullen night
The memory of yester night
Vanquished, the avid soul.
And the singing heart is asking me
The scenario and the screen play!
You came as a shimmering glimmer
Of a resplendent cloud, in my dream...
Some reveries, to pour nectar into my spirit.
When you roam, in my reveries, heaven arise
And stoop down to earth, with presents
Of bouquets of blossoms, brought from
A vanished spring, seasons behind.
Like the virtue of my sacred deeds in life;
Intimate moments, churns out ripples in the thoughts,
Chalice of the heart brims with sweetness.
Cloying spring was visible in the dreamy eyelids,
Where, swooned fantasies dangled, quivering.

Those days when love sprouted in our hearts
We forgot ourselves in the frenzy,
We could not contain inside us,
The unreconciled, youngish vigour.
There was only one horizon for us; our desires!
If once you smile, it becomes showers of kisses
In my reminiscence, and in my dreams.
And we share together one passion,
One desire, one aspiration,
And only one ambition…

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