Friday, May 9, 2008


Kindling a sparkler, always in my inventiveness,
Transforming, into the heart throb of my existence.
My beautiful! I bless you in my sighs,
With every meek breath, from a woeful heart.
Your sweet memory caressing my gruesome
Spirit, keep the flame of life from extinction.
And aid me at my side, enabling me
To enjoy the fabulous, intrinsic bliss.

My dreams of all times, my desires of every moment,
The lyrics of love, always surging in my mind;
The blossom of sizzling grief, engulfing the mind,
I am paving in your path, as a gift of my soul.

If we do not meet any more in this life,
Or you are unable to come to my side,
And, we vanish behind the dark curtain of this birth,
I tell you, not to grieve about an unfulfilled aspiration
Of our soul, we have been holding close, in our bosom.

The life force of this universe will always clinch
Many more births, and deaths, in its wake.
And innumerable rebirths will bloom
In this earth; we will one day, happen on each other
In that event, we will never part but live eternally.

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