Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Your memory still haunts, and smiles in my mind,
As a garland, of rainbow on the neck of
Sodden clouds, impatient to shed its attire.

You the me, and me the you
We were born in places far apart.
Like the driftwood close in, on the shores,
We floated in the ocean, of populace.
And one day drifted close, as strangers…

Formal nodding, perfunctory greetings,
Shallow smiles, casual accosting;
Sharing a joke, mutual treats
Like a thirsty fish, in the ocean…

Season changes;
A little walk, a little talk,
A magnificent obsession.
A willing miss, a stolen kiss.
Exchange of gifts, words of appreciation;
A phone call, just before going to sleep.
Bid good night and sweet dreams...

Spring. With all its blessings.

Close encounters of the third kind.
We understood, we are made for each other.
We dream together, we imagine alike.
Our desires are similar, like our aspirations.
We resolve to become one.
We dissolve and become one.
Our target attained;here,
Our search for each other ended.

What is this miracle, of destiny?
Souls wandering through eternity;
Seeking always, for its lost mate.
Once found they unite in life
In passion, and love and bliss.
And boundless immortality...

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