Monday, May 5, 2008

Heart aches...

That evening, when I bid farewell to you,
I could discern the love ablaze in your eyes;
Crying with its mute twinge of the soul, flowing out
As tear drops, through the corners of your eyes.
However you tried in vain, to contain those tears,
The stream of intense passion came out;
As a cascade of nectar, breaking its waves
Flailing in my heart, with its torrent of despair.
My pulsating lips, stole the honey drops from
The trembling eyelids, while the moans
Of sobbing grief, you rubbed into my chest,
As blossoms, of kisses, incessantly...

In that gloaming, while remaining in the cloister of your
Unfulfilled aspirations, erupted rue sodden sighs…
Playfully we laughed, amused in mirth, wrangled in love,
Teased each other, hugged later, and embraced to become
One, in the emerging dreams of our excitement.
In the moonlight of our tingle, we smothered
And savored, the cloying lasciviousness, of our heart.

In the furnace, of this mid-summer night, solitude
Brings the vacillating memories, of that night, into me.
Like a green canopy over my head, chilling, and filling sweetness.
I melt in that rapture, and then again search your moistened eyes.
Do not cry my love! Never fill those eyes with your sniveling.
The aches in your heart by the absence
Will soon end; I am on my way to your presence….


Quackster said...

Your word choice is amazing.

Kunjubi said...

my dear friend .. i was always surprised when i was watching that there is a person form Santa ana reading my post regularly, and at last i wish it was u, who was engaged in that recreation.. Thank u very much for the interest u have been showering on me.. I will read all your poems , just to find out how u tick., and the romantic heart u own. Cheers my dear. kunjubi.