Saturday, May 3, 2008

Will the spring come again?

Ecstasy filled,
Ever adoring,
Tears softened,
Compassion packed,
Scented with grief,
Dazzling of dreams,
Smiles of a bloom,
With these, the nectar of your heart,
When you touched the door of my soul……

Meekly, unknowingly,
Without qualm,
Carrying honey in the petals of your heart,
When I abruptly saw you standing at the door,
Clad in the acquiescent demureness,
Horripilating unawares, the ‘I’ in me,
Was lost, in an endearing trance.

My immaculate one!
That elegance permeating in your chest,
Is what I am seeking all the time in this wilderness.
That poise is like the memory of a magic
Filled vista of a sky, adorning a majestic rainbow.

When it becomes, a delight in all my wakeful hours.
My angel! I am waiting for you!


Latha said...

the ‘I’ in me,
Was lost, in an endearing trance.

Lovely! I can understand how unadulterated that love could be that fails to identify the you in you! The sentiments expressed are touching. Great work again Kunjubi!

Kunjubi said...

'Thank u' is an empty sound.i becomes hackneyed after some time. Is there anything superlative to that. I use that in response to this. Love is a moment and a life time. My whole heart rises to bless your name in pride and thankfulness. Keep reading. cheers. kunjubi.