Sunday, May 4, 2008

One for the road…

Whoever goes, whoever continues…?
Let us each pour one more for the road!
When the cap and the bottle
Move apart quarreling,
Do you hear the tightening
Of the strings of our nerves, in our ears?
The exit door opens to a gully,
But we will reach the crowded street, too soon
After eight or nine paces, from there.

We two are more than a crowd
For celebrating this festival.
This is in fact, an orgy of friendship.
Give that cigarette after
Three more puffs, to me.
Why don’t you lick on this pickle?
I tasted it; but it’s too hot!
Do not look at your watch in this dim light,
Like the moon stooping into the clouds.
The smoke in this room conceals every thing.
Do not get away before long, thinking and
Worrying, about unfinished chores at home.
Though you laugh now, and not looking at me straight.

Oh! Ignore that tiff at the next table,
And, the altercations, along with it.
And the isolated song, inebriated on
A single beer, he had till now...
Leave it, and do not care about
That sign over the counter admonishing
Singing loudly; I can’t tolerate such cautions!

You should never imagine that
Your partner has no sense, after three rounds.
I can also hear the tumult of the dead ones,
Quite clearly in my ears, now, just as you.
Can also, see their pale faces, tottering here.
Hey! If I said anything superfluous,
Do one thing for me; you can just edit it.
It is alright, I can go alone. See I can walk steadily!...

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