Friday, May 16, 2008


The divine words of god, was heard
Like the chirping of a bird,
“Here is Man”; “He is my beloved son”….
Man sitting in the Garden of Eden
In paradise, said:” Amen! So be it;
Peace unto you, my God.”

But when he plucked the fruit of
That tree of dreams, the voice
Changed and became harsh,
That of God with discord;
The horrid voice uttered,
“Here is man; I have rehabilitated him,
Into the hell; let him be there.”

In there, the man said:
“Amen; Hallowed be Thy name, Thank you, Creator,
So be it; thank you again.”

And, he started carrying the burden
Of his Eternal despair, and despondency
From that moment.
God shuddered and His eyes
Were inundated by tears;
Man is still trying to wipe away
The tears from His cheeks.
To see a happy smile, on His visage…


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

I find your blog a very nice and brave effort, creating poetry in an age of sms-es and mobile-phone calls.

Poetry is heart-touching and heart-felt. All the best.

K.C. said...

This was very intense and I could really feel emotion in it. KC

jyotsana said...

hi what a novel way of lookiing at our own miseries.

Kunjubi said...

Sucharita Sarkar....How nice of you having visited my blogs. i am grateful.. Please make it a habit, and let me have your views. Cheers... kunjubi

Kunjubi said...

K.C. Thank you for having read my post. K.C. you have seen the tip of an iceberg only. please try to see the underside of this iceberg.. Good wishes.. cheers...

Kunjubi said...

Jyotsana...I beg you not to confine your views of my post to the recent ones only. please have a go thru. u need not comment but still for just to get a birds eye view of it and get an outlook. I will be much obliged.And point out my drawbacks, if u can.. please..
I am so glad that eminent bloggers like u have read my posts. Keep it up.. cheers.. kunjubi