Saturday, May 10, 2008


Who is God? Is he a Hindu, Christian, or an Islam?
Is he Jehovah, Jupiter, or an E.T.? None of them!

You who preach the almighty God!
Are not you the white washed sepulchers?
The wolves in the attire of lambs, in your crimson robes;
Ready to devour the innocent populace
Hearkening to your Babel of scriptures,
And grappling them into your lairs?

You build churches and mosques,
Temples and hermitages, and monasteries,
For morons to learn, who God is .
Pilgrim spots in mountain heights and forests,
To guide the simpletons, through those paths of,
Inaccessible and impenetrable terrains,
For awarding them, ‘salvation’ or ‘moksha’ of the Soul.

You make a thousand disparate masks for God;
Images in wood and granite,
Moon stones and marbles,
Ivory and gold, and ornate them
With plundered gold, and gems.

You deceived Krishna, Christ and Buddha;
You deluded Mohammad, and Marx;
You charade as Godmen and preach
Incomprehensible words and scriptures,
To make them more complicated, with your interpretations.
You are the darkest nights, after the vermillion evenings.
Camouflaging the true God, in your glum,
With your scriptures, all the time.
And never realizing that He is inside
Your heart, in the form of LOVE!

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