Thursday, May 8, 2008

On that day…

Whilst touching the door of my soul…
Filling ecstatic nectar in my life,
And never telling ‘no’, in resentment;
Cheeks moistened with tears or perspirations,
Overwhelming with compassion,
Smelling of poignant anxiety in the eyes,
Smiling with the inner sense of a flower,
Spurting ambrosia in the psyche…

Uninformed, stunned, and unwavered I was,
As I saw you standing on the threshold,
With honey, in the blossom of your heart
Unflinching, with an unfading gleam;
A radiance of the sunshine in the look,
A winsome endearing beam on the lips,
A bashful mien in the demenour…
I was carried over to Elysium,
The haven of my dreams,
From this terra-firma…

I see that in my languor,
Through all the rest of distance,
Seeking the solemn softness of
Your innocuous innocence,
In the charming grace of your image,
Engraved in my heart;
And make them the delight of
My days and nights
I am in wait for you to come,
And soothe my fretful moments…


Lyn2x said...

Oh Kunjubi thanks for the comment. I love this poem..It hit my soul.

Kunjubi said...

Lyn2x! Thank you very much for reading my poem. please read all of them.. This particular poem was written thinking of you [!]. u liked it? More to come now.. all for u... Be in touch.. God bless.... cheers, kunjubi