Monday, May 26, 2008

A Porter’s Rest…

A Porter's Rest...

You will find a porter’s rest, still in remote villages;
Reminding you, of the Stonehenge of Britain.
A thing of the past on which you put down the load
On your head, take rest, reload and proceed.
Among humans also, you will find porter’s rest.
You download your grief for a while
Take relief, console, and carry again on your lonely paths.
The moments you took rest are so precious;
It lingers in your memory, for a long time.
The fragrance accompanies you, in your long journey
To the market place, the grave,
Where you barter your burden, you carried till there,
For an after life... you imagine will be eternal rest.

Though lifeless, the image assume life and shape
Of humans, you conspire, you love, you believe,
Take them as your companion in your sojourn,
Adore, embrace, become one, and share
The burden between the two.
The yoke becomes light; the burden turns to flowers,
Its fragrance emanates throughout your life,
And becomes, a boundless bliss.
A friend, a beloved; the porter’s rest!


paisley said...

what an excellent imagery i received when reading this.. a place to rest,, to unburden to regroup and regain ones strength before moving on... just lovely.....

Kunjubi said...

Thank you Paisley.. I was just wondering about your silence in the last week. So happy to read it now.. Very kind of you kunjubi