Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Life is a flaming ocean, and desires are
Floating in there, at times delving into
Depths and again, surfacing with the froths.

Grief is a point in life.
Happiness another one
Life swings as a pendulum between
Theses two points, in despair and joy
That is Life…A pendulum.

Inception, in cries and tears
Then grows and develops, a big smile
Enveloped in happiness and mirth;
Beguiled by the crafty world;
Returns to tears and grief, at last.
This is the throbbing music of the clock,
The song of the life forces of the universe,
Measuring time and the hands mortify.
Yet time will flow on…

It unfurls ingenuity in the soul.
Radiates, a thousand magnificent hues, in mind.
Passions transform to bright stars in the hearts,
Turns later, to become ‘Black Holes’ in the Milky Way
The dawn greets you, with smiles
The dusk flushes you with splendor
Yet earth will still rotate, on its axis…


Stacey said...

Hi Kunjubi...

Life is like rollercoaster, it has so many ups, yet, it also has so many downs ;-D

Kunjubi said...

Stacey... Thank you for your lovely words.They are so inspiring and adorable, like you... cheers kunjubi