Sunday, February 1, 2009


The city is an ocean!
An ocean in the true sense!
Calm and serene; wild and furious;
Smiling, playing and teasing;
Muddy and with eddies down below;
Seductive, charming, and adoring;
Disgusting, abhorring, and despicable.

Loving, admonishing, rebelling, and quarreling;
Liquefying in passion and settling in compassion;
Like waves filled with froth and driftwood.
Human Sirens are roaming all over tempting us.
Beckoning us to sin, always tantalizing;
Alluringly lusty, and appealing to carnal desires.
A tarantula with spooky claws, and beady eyes.

But there is no space to lay down your head;
No hearts to share your grief;
No consoling hands to soothe your sorrow;
No souls to surrender your yearning love;
No ledge to keep your burdens for a moment;
Here you have to run to go forward as
The throng pushes you from behind.
Then you stumble, stagger, falter and drop dead.
The crowd treads over your lifeless body
And march away to an unknown destination!

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