Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have to make a true confession!
Please do not throw any stones at me!
I will tell you the truth of my love life!

My first love: I could not even utter a word to
The heroine of my love story, as I was afraid too much!
Second one: The one I wanted to love, never
Knew I ever existed even, and was
Ignorant of my vigorous passion for her.
It was in the third episode, I thought of
Writing a love letter, but it never reached her,
Because her mother took delivery of it, from the postman.
In my fourth affair, I appointed a messenger
And the girl started loving him instead!
She never knew about his employer.
The next two attempts-fifth and sixth
Did not succeed, as it was in the middle
Of annualexaminations,in the school,
And they both were very studious.
Seven is always an auspicious number in numerology.
That was how I could understand the real meaning
Of silence; my inexperience in matters of love!
When I failed in my eighth attempt, I switched
Onto a beard and smoking ‘ hash’ and grass, carrying
A small cotton bag, hanging on my shoulder.
And they tagged me as an ‘intellect’.

But when the earth moved away from under my feet,
In the ninth episode, I realized that despair
Will flare up anguish in the soul, torturing it.

Now tell me one thing! Can we call these
“Experiments with love {Truth}”, or pure ignorance or insolence?
Let those who have not done any of these in life,
Let them cast the first stone at me; others please drop their stones!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad it never worked out for you. You miss the essence of loving when you turn to vices. You should have wait for the right opportunity, besides, if she is really meant for you, no one can take her away. For enlightenment, listen for some Worship Songs.