Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hermit crabs!

Two isles set apart at the greatest of distances;
Like hermit crabs crawling into its own shells,
And hiding, frightened by the amorous itch in the heart;
Those who dare not look into each other,
Being afraid of even kissing sometimes;
Those who have played complicated scenes
Deftly and very spontaneously;
Naturally, and convincingly before others in life.
Who have been the main characters of untold stories,
And unsung lyrics of songs, unheard by anyone;
Who were baffled, by keeping the entrance
To their hearts, perpetually closed throughout,
All stages of life- childhood to death bed.

Who walked away, not turning and looking back
To have a final glance once again, at last,
While parting into two paths, at the crossroads;
Taming the sea of tears, extinguishing
The embers of dreams and dreariness,
Trouncing it furtively in the soul.
Who are they?
Don’t wait for an answer!
Just close your eyes, and open now!

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