Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An anathema…

Lost love is an anathema in this birth!
Loving and then losing it,
With undisclosed reasons!
It could happen with anyone in this life;
Like an ember lightening up suddenly
And extinguish, leaving behind fumes of
Frustration, weakening the mind.
In every turn of time and seasons, it reveals
Opening its shuttered windows to show us
Strange sights unwarranted and unexpected;
Commanding us to see what are destined.
And our eyes avert vistas already familiar...
Does this eye decide what should be seen or not?
Does an arrow decide its trajectory and target?

The sights we see directly with our eyes
Could be pictures drawn by someone in the snow.
And will vanish when the summer heat of time
Touch its ruthless fingers on its canvas.
Though the flaming visions in the chest will
Never fade away into oblivion.
Despite the cruel heat or rain or mist
Or grueling circumstances benumbing us,
Will always stand like sculptures in hard stones.

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