Sunday, February 22, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

25 Random Things About Me


I hate highbrows and hypocrites.
But love white cladded maidens
On their way to church, on a Sunday.

I like fast Cars and fast drivers;
But hate to travel in a public transport bus;
And travel to the end of the world with a companion
Who shares the same interest with me.

I like to eat the lunch from a pack
Bound in banana leaf, with curd and lime pickle
On top of cooked rice and French fried potato in coconut oil
Walk through lush green paddy fields
In the morning sun and a chilling breeze.

Listen to love songs of yester years,
Brimming with innocent and vibrant love.
Read space and science fictions
And spy thrillers and crime stories.

I like those who dislike me,
Like Bindia, who nailed me on this cross,
And pray “Father, she knows not what
She is doing; forgive her trespass.”

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