Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fluttering wings...

This is a woman…. And her life!
Like a migratory bird devoid of
The nest of its own, to roost every night
In the company of its mate, in bliss.
Wandering through far distant and strange lands;
Searching for food and a shore for shelter
Across the sea, in the trail of those
Who flew that way before her…

Leaving behind the nest that heard her first cry
For the nectar of life, from mother’s breast;
Renouncing the comforting consolations of loved ones
And their affectionate caresses and safety,
Flying away into the boundless horizon.
A migratory bird!

Strange faces, when spotting an unseen land all around,
Bizarre habits of the people and the curious life styles;
Life forgetting the dreams
Forgotten to see, and at last,
Like the wilting flowers of the evening
Ending like the shadows that fade away;
Again revamping a lust for flying again,
Into the plethoric magnitude of the sky,
Leaving behind, a faint flutter of the striving wings.

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