Friday, February 13, 2009

In penance…

Swallowing the untold words of love in my heart,
Without the blanket of imagination in the mind,
Falling asleep in the rumpus of a weary night;
Lighting the funeral pyre to my wingless dreams,
Clanking the bell on the anklet of death,
I am now bidding farewell to my world.

Suppressing the roaring waves of an ocean of wrath
And melting the wild embers into the eyes,
Entangled among the cobwebs of darkness,
Stifling the sound of a weak snivel,
I am not crying in front of others.

Writing the crimson glory of the coral sky
Of the evening, in strange words,
Stretching out in the twilight and
Craving to resurrect and wakeup, seeking out
A word, to portray my woes.
I am cloistered.
I am the silence!

Sustaining and coveting to emerge from
The ant hill, to be a tiny wick of a lamp,
Daring to challenge the onslaught of the wind;
As a thread of rain, falling incessantly into the earth,
Through the tip of the thatched palm leaves;
Let me be silent for a while!

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