Monday, February 2, 2009


If there is a fragrance lurking in the air,
While I awaken you, in this moment,
It is none other than the retrospect on
The lute of my forsaken soul, about the time,
Which sweetened my life, in the days of yore.
You will reenter to touch me with your reviving
Breathe on my soul, as a dream from beyond the senses;
Turning aeons into nanoseconds, bringing
Moonlight and tranquility into my life.

You will be flaking a smile around you,
Analogous to a garden of flowers in the spring;
The alphabets I jot down entirely for you,
As my poems will assume music, and reverberate
In the firmament encircling you like a rainbow.
You will not be able to remain as a recluse
And hide away from me, at that moment
But emerge out into the limelight.

You only have given me thoughts and imagination!
You only taught me to write the alphabet into
Meaningful words, entwining your heart.
I have a vision to melt into the infinity of
Moonlight and build a world of my own
For our being together, and all alone.
I have wings to fly around, and find
The unboundedness of those dreams;
And I have feathers withering and enlightening
The gloomy paths of life’s ubiquitous regions.

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