Sunday, February 15, 2009

And perchance to sleep…

Once again we are looking out
Through the windows of the pale moonlight,
Into the darkness beyond, silently.
Candles of my grief stricken desires will
Never burn out or melt away.
The edifice of passions built in the subconscious;
The brandishing waves of the blackened sea
In the mind, is swirling and swelling up...
Like a hornbill’s thirst for a sip of water,
With scorched tongue and sable bill.

Let me jot down behind this bit of paper,
My woes, finally to console myself.
About how we met, then became so close,
And then parted, turning away our faces.
How the smiling buds withered dying,
Without keeping any more unsaid words;
Hiding away behind the mask of silence
And shattered all aspirations in life;
Overtly forgetting to look at each other,
Declining the touch of a finger even.
Suffice this much; let me sleep now in
The depth of this cavern with the heart
Writhing in anguish, of unparallel dimension,
Wearied nonetheless, till I am content.
Do not wake me up till my last breath.

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