Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Solicited trespasses...

You were made for me in heaven;
I belong to you only, ordained for ever.
Keep these words chanting in your heart,
All the time you are awake;
And your subconscious will follow
When you are asleep;
When you walk alone;
When you smile in your mind;
Preserve these words in your memory.

I longed to sing a song about you,
And then you came as its voice,
Rippling and filling the air sweetly;
And when I kept open the door of my heart,
You kept hiding like the fragrance of the spring,
Wafting in the air, the scent of the Mogra flowers.
You became the pearl of my cheerful vibes.
Give me the thirst of your passions!

I yearned to have a glimpse of you;
Then you were hiding from me, mutely.
I could not tell you all that I needed.
Why did you vanish instantly, touching my soul?
What made you prompt the sprouts of my tender emotions?
Why did you unfurl your love in my dreams?
Why did you open the door in the chamber of
My nuptial bower, sneakingly without my knowledge?
You took my silence as my accent to everything!
Was it not a trespass- solicited of course?

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