Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fragrance from past births…

Whence is this sweet scent emanating?
Coming, seeking me with its fragrance!
A heavenly scent bringing forth the nostalgia
Of a period, before my birth and my present existence.
Inexplicable, yet embedded in the soul through births.
Or stemming from a flower that bloomed somewhere;
Or from the loving dream of a blossom.
Whence it came into this soggy moonlight?

Could it be the sigh from the soul,
Which always bear unknown miseries and melancholy?
Like bringing a message this way
From an unseen nymph, of her love,
That could not be expressed previously.
Like an articulation approaching from far beyond
From the kingdom of stars and galaxies,
Of extra terrestrials in love with the earth,
In ripples and embracing the shores of the spirit;
Subjugating the subliminal and whisking away
Into the realm of a phantasmagoria through which
I am moving like driftwood in a flood.

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